Help identifying yarn/ribbon needed

Help - Scarf I saw “somewhere.”

I am trying to locate a picture and/or can someone please identify for me the name of this type of scarf. What I’m trying to do is determine what type of yarn/ribbon to purchase.

From memory - let’s see - if this can help you help me find it. :slight_smile:

The scarf casts on a few rows of garter stitches. THEN knit a stitch and then add on 3 more (can’t think of proper term - not knit but wrapped around). Then on the next row the first stitch is knit and the last two wraps are pulled down - makes for a long ribbon type effect.

Can anyone help me? I know I’m not very clear with my description.

how about this? scroll down a bit and loook for elongated stitch.

Do you mean a dropped stitch? :shrug: I mean the ones done on purpose, not the ones that happen on accident! :teehee: :wink:

Something like this or this or this or this? If so, these are all drop stitch knitted items. You can use any type of yarn, not just ribbon yarn…I just made myself a dropped stitch shawl with bulky boucle yarn.

In the pattern section there’s a thread for a scarf done in the elongated stitch HERE

Several people have posted pictures of their finished ones in that thread - is that what you’re talking about?
Places like Joann’s and Michaels tend to have a nice selection of the different types of novelty yarns used for that kind of scarf.

Thanks SO MUCH everyone. Loved having the links to the pictures and the threads. These photos are all different than the first one I saw - which was working with a ribbon type “yarn.” These, however, have opened up my eyes to all kinds of possibilities!!

Now I have a name for it - elongated stitch (or also one I like the “intentional dropped stitch)!

I am SO excited!!

Wanda be
P.S. Maybe I’ll even be able to show my Mom something new with this stitch :slight_smile: (and she’s been knitting for close to 50 years)!!

Edited to add: And thanks for being able to decipher my very obscure description!

is it the one where you actually tug the extra stitches out at the end to make a fringe? if it is, it’s in the plymouth ribbon eros extreme… this is kinda sorta like the one i’m thinking off, but it’s not quite as boa-ish… it’s a free pattern with purchase one and it was the first 3 and last 3 stitches you did something with… i can find it if you think it might be it.

ETA: here is a dropped stitch ribbon one, still not the one i’m talking about though. :wink:

Cookworm’s links are what I was looking for. And the others are all great too! Thanks to everyone who responded. I really appreciate it!