Help identifying stitch

OK, Ive looked through Vogue Stitcionary and Harmony Guides 2 and 4. What the heck is this stitch? It looks to me like a slip stitch pattern, but I didnt see it in the books. I’m thinking it might be similiar to the one in this scarf,2025,DIY_14141_3520116,00.html
but maybe someone has other guesses? Help please! :??

Are you talking about the hat or the blankie??

Is the blankie crochet?? :shrug:


Since you don’t specify which you’re referring to, I’m guessing you mean the hat band pattern, which seems to be vaguely similar to the link you gave.

For me, anyway, it’d be really hard to even venture a guess on what it is as there are 3 colors involved and the stitch detail isn’t all that large…there are hundreds of colorwork slip-stitch patterns!

The stitch in the body of the flat piece appears to be a honeycomb stitch. One that I’ve done and that makes a wonderfully cushy fabric involves “knitting into the row below”.

Don’t know if this helps at all… :shrug:


I was referring to the blanket, and it is definitely knit. Maybe hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like the center panel and the rest are all done in the same stitch, only the logs are done using only 1 color.

I think that it might be some kind of slip stitch color pattern. What pattern, I don’t know. But I dare venture a guess that the blanket is crochet.

They look really nice though :thumbsup:

Hi again,

You can try [color=blue][size=6]this one[/size][/color] out & see if it matches your pic. The picture included on the link page isn’t great; it doesn’t show the raised and lowered effect made by knitting into the row below, but if you swatch a couple of rows, you’ll see how neat it works up.

Hope this helps :hug:


The blanket looks kind of like a Honeycomb Stitch, kind of like what I’m doing on this sweater.

That’s what it looks like to me, too.