Help Identifying Stitch!

Hi fellow-knitters!

I’ve recently become obsessed with knitting a bow hairband which I saw on someone’s blog. At the time, she was offering the pattern for sale on Etsy, but since then she’s moved on to other things, leaving me obsessed with finding out what stitch she used in the making of this hairband! (The pattern itself seems pretty straightforward.)

Anyway, I have a guess as to what it is, but I’m not sure… any volunteers?? :smiley:

You can see the hairband here:

Thank you!!!

stocking stitch

Thanks, notknittingknots! But it’s not stocking because you can see the reverse, and it looks the same on that side, if you see what I mean?

Maybe k1p1 rib? You can sort of see the purl where the bow gathers at the cross band.

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Thanks, salmonmac! Yeah, I think it’s most likely this. I just can’t get the ribs so close together.

For info, I also tried double stocking, and that looked closer to this, but still not exactly right…

Is this doubled sided knitting?

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That’s my guess!

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That’s new to me – will have to look for it. Always good to learn about different techniques – thanks. (I had wondered if it was just a stockinette piece folded double, but didn’t think it looked thick enough. :wink: )

That is fisherman’s rib stitch for sure!

Its knit 1 purl one for lst row then purl knit for second row. I have just finished knitting a football team scarf in this. Basically a garter stitch.

Could be single color brioche.

Would this work for you…

Garter stitch is all knit stitch, knit every stitch, every row. This is not garter stitch.

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Thanks guys, for your suggestions!

Someone on a different knitting forum pointed me towards this link:

The headband pictured looks very similar - there’s even one in the exact same colour. I feel pretty sure that the one I found is based on this pattern. There is a link to download the pattern in English, and if you read the instructions, it’s a 1x1 rib. Sooo… I think Olivia and salmonmac are right!