Help identifying rows

Hi I’m new here and will start off with a question. I’m also new to knitting. I have a simple ( ha h ha) pattern as follows
k8 rows
row 1 k across
row 2 and 3 k4 p12 k4
row 4 k across
my problem is if I put my work down when I come back I don’t know if I purl or knit the next row. I’m ok if I keep working 2 knit rows then 2 purl rows, when I stop I’m lost. I hope this makes sense.Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks for your time ad thoughts

so it sounds like 1 of 2 things…

1, you’re new to knitting, and are still figuring out how to ‘read’ your stitches… that is, which are knits and which are purls. if that’s the case, try these resources:


or 2, you’re ok with which stitches are which, but are just getting lost as far as which pattern row you’re on. if that’s the case then… A) see above, because being able to ‘read’ your knitting means you’ll be able to accurately count the rows, either from start to current location, or from last pattern row to current location. Or B) use any number of tricks for keeping tabs on pattern… written notes, stitch markers (some are labeled front/back, numbers from 1-100, etc.), or a row counter (

one of my favorite ‘tricks’ is to use a paperclip as my stitch marker, and i slide other paperclips onto it, sort of like charms. every paperclip i put on it represents 1 row in the pattern. so if my main paperclip has 3 others on it, i’m on row 3. if it has 8 others, i’m on row 8, and so on.

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Very helpful ideas in X’s post above. I would also add: Keep track of the row completed by some method (see above) and use that to help train your eye to recognize the knit and purl rows.

yet another brilliant but simple idea!
thanks, Xtopher. I’ve been knitting for a billion years, and the paper clip idea never occurred to me.

When I want to keep track of which row(s) I’m on, I like to use either one of these methods:

Paper and pencil to make tally marks. OR

A “clicking” row counter. Every time I finish a row I “click” the counter and it changes the number.