Help Identifying Pattern


I’m new to knitting and I saw this picture of a scarf and was wondering if someone can help me to figure out the pattern.

It seems to me as though it is 2 purls followed by a slip stitch all the way across. My question is what to do for the next row. Do I knit 2 stitches where the purls are and then the slip stitch?

Please help!



There’s no yo k2tog in there? Seems like there would be.

Where did you find this?

Up at the top where it appears the stitches are sitll otn there is what looks to me like a p2 tog. To maintain st count there would have to be an increase, wouldn’t there? It almost looks like there is a yo but I wouldn’t bet on it. Would this be considered a variation on rib stitch? There must be a thousand of them.

Well, since there’s holes in it as well as a k/p 2tog, there would have to be. The yo would be worked tog with another stitch so it’s not as open.

Could be a lace rib or faggoting rib, don’t have time to look it up now, have to go to work, but if you look at the knittingfoolsite, there might be something like it.

I found it as a picture on instagram. I’m new to knitting so I don’t understand all of the abbreviations.

Do you mean that it’s knit 2 together then yarn over all the way across one row and then do the same but with purls on the next row?

Also what do you mean by saying the yarn over would be worked together with another stitch?

Explanations here are possible but you might want to click on the Glossary link above and explore. The abbreviations are listed there and some are linked to videos. Suzeeq explains things much better than I can.

P2 tog is a decrease
K2 tog is a decrease
yo (yarn over) is an increase

If you make a yo and increase there must be a decrease to balance it and vice versa.

Can you link to it? I don’t know what instagram is.

I can’t link to the picture because it’s on my phone but really that’s all there is.

Thank you for explaining the increase/decrease. I looked up a faggoting pattern and I found this one:

It is kind of similar but not exactly. I don’t mind making up a pattern I just need someone’s guidance with a little more experience to help me verify that it will actually work.

For example what if I were to P2 tog, yo along one row and then K2 tog, yo along the next?

I found another one:

Do you think this is the same or similar?

Good quesion. I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t say for sure. It does look like there are some slipped stitches also. I think the back would be knitted, there would need to be a yo, and the a slipped stitch. I might have a chance to try it with yarn and needles after a while. I agree the faggoting pattern is similar but not quite the same.

You posted while I was typing. Yes, this one looks more similar.

Yes, that one’s close, except maybe do it as a multiple of 3 +1 instead of 4. That means you would do it a k1 (yo p2tog, k1) instead and need a stitch count of 13, 16, 19, 22, and so on. That’s the same as the Half herringbone rib which is a multiple of 3 without the extra k1 at the end.

Now I’m itching to try this. I’m wondering if on the half herringbone the WS would be Sl1, yo, k2 tog. I think there are slipped stitches. Maybe. LOL

ETA: This comes close

multiple of 3 + 2

I CO 14 sts

Row 1: K1 K1, yo, k2 tog k1

Row 2: K1 * Sl1, yo, k2 tog* k1

The k1 at each end was for an edge stitch and not part of the pattern.

No you work it the same the other row, it’s a one row pattern. You could try it that way though and see how it turns out.

I worded that wrong. I meant, if I changed the half herringbone and made it a 2 row, would it look more like what the OP asked about. I think it does. I edited the post above to add the st pattern I used.

Good, yeah. I’m not able to try it out right now, but that may do it.

Thank you so much for your help! I’m a little confused as to whether you figured out if its a one row or two row patten.

What was the final pattern you settled on? Also was it just usin knit stitches and slip stitches, no purling?

If you look at my post lucky #13, you’ll see I did 2 rows. I don’t know if you’ll find it looks the same to you or not, I think it’s close.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: I will try it out once I finish the current scarf I’m working on.