Help Identifying a Stitch Please!

Hello! I’m quite new to knitting. I taught myself just last year. I had started a scarf for a friend and had to put my project down for a while. I had all of the pattern info saved to my phone. But at some point, my phone gave out. I had to get a new one, and lost all of my notes.

So I have a partially finished scarf and I have no idea what the stitch is that I was using! Actually, there are two different stitches.

Does anyone think they can identify the stitches from these photos? I took a front and back of each one.

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The photos 1 and 3 look like mistake rib.

I agree with salmonmac. Mistake or broken rib was the first thing I thought of seeing your photos.

That does look very similar. However, I have 29 stitches. So I don’t have sets of 4 plus 3 as that requires. Hmmm.

Do you possibly have a slip stitch at either end to even out the border?

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No slip stitch in this one, for sure. It has a slot of stretch to it. Here’s another shot with it stretched out. Maybe that will help.

Sigh. I just did a test run with some different yarn and the mistake rib. It looks like exactly the same thing. I just can’t figure out how I would have done it with 29 stitches. So frustrated.

Well you might try continuing with the mistake rib with an extra edge stitch on each end. Maybe put a marker after the edge sts to remind yourself to ignore them.
I think that would be better than decreasing or increasing sts.

The stitch count is 4, but the +3 is just to make it so the rows can be written the same. For 29 stitches, you could have done k2, p2 to the end, k1. Then p2, k2 to the end, p1. Should give you the same thing. As you get going again, you’ll need to ensure you’re lining up the new stitches correctly and you might discover that it’s something like that.

Recommend putting in a lifeline where you are in case you have to rip back a couple of times to get it correct.

That’s exactly what I tried last night and it almost worked. It does not have quite the stretch as whatever I had done before. Making the overall scarf a little less wavy. I’ll post a pic later to show what I mean. And the edges of my first one are straight and tight. Doing it the way you described above, they are a little loose and wavy. Almost like they want to roll but only in certain spots.

This is only the 3rd thing I’ve knitted. So I expected to have lots of bumps along the way. Y’all have been super helpful!

Definitely post a pic of the edge. That would make it easier to determine if you’re doing some kind of edge stitch or slipped edge.

So does it now look like the same stitch? Have you got a column of knits lined up with the columns you already had?

The stretch/wave bit could be a change in tension. It’s been a while since you worked on it, and there’s a little bit of stress for you in trying to figure out the pattern again. That can make you work it a little tighter than you did before. Change of technique, etc. (I’m assuming you’re using the same needles since they were likely in the scarf already.) Try knitting for a bit consciously not pulling things too tight and see if that helps.

It looks like the tunnel lace (Jan 9 on my stitch-a-day calendar)

Multiple of 3 + 2

Row 1 RS: p2, *yo, k1, yo, p2; repeat from * to end
Row 2: k2, *p3, k2; repeat from * to end
Row 3: p2, *k3, p2; repeat from * to end
Row 4: k2, *p3tog, k2; repeat from * to end
Begin again at row 1.