Help identifying a Pattern

Looking for help identifying the attached pattern.


Hmm…looks familiar, but I can’t place it. If I remember or see it I’ll post.

Thank you so much - I JUST found it about 10 minutes ago. It’s Fox Paws. And, the pattern can be purchased on Ravelry!


Oh yeah! The name jogged my memory… Yarn Harlot made it!

Wow. It’s really done with just increases and decreases? Amazing!

I love this forum! I’d never seen this pattern before and I’m very glad that sdausten posted it. (Many thanks, sd.)

This video gives you some idea of the kinds of increases that are used.

Thanks for the video link. It looks like she increases (k,yo,k) puts the increase stitches on the left needle and then increases in the increase? I have to try that before I buy the Fox Paws pattern. It’s so totally new to me.

I just found out the increase video has sound. :doh: My computer sometimes plays tricks with video sound. Here’s a decrease video and a free Oak Leaf pattern to play with.

ETA The Oak Leaf uses stacked decreases. The free Stars pattern uses stacked increases.