Help identify and fixing a mistake


Novice knitter here! I’m not sure what I did wrong that resulted in the mistake in the photo, or what that mistake is called! I don’t think it’s a dropped stitch because those usually result in a hole, and I still have 120 stitches on the needle, which is what I started with. This is the mid section of a baby blanket, basket weave stitch. Tips on how to fix this are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome to KH!
Your knitting is lovely and even. It looks like you may have missed working 2 sts. Maybe you tried fixing it and picked up a strand from the wrong row? You can either knit over to these 2sts, drop one of them off the needle and let it ladder down 2 rows or so, then pick up the ladder strands as shown here. Then repeat for the second stitch.

Or you can take out the entire 2 rows. Tinking is kind of tedious for 2 rows but it would make sure that no sts are lost or twisted.