Help! I want to learn Crochet...PLEASE :) is the BEST website! This site helped me become a fairly advanced and happy knitter.

I’m now ready to learn the wonderful art of crochet :smiley:

I “heard” that might be around soon, but I cannot find the site :frowning:

Would anyone please lend me a “hand” in finding a great beginners crochet video site?

Thanks much :XX: has some helpful videos.

But not nearly as good as Amy’s!!!

ditto stichguie. I checked out a DVD from the library that has little videos teaching crochet. Lemme… I think it was something like “easy crochet” of “fast, fun and easy crochet” I’ll go look it up.

Here it is. Here’s the infor from my library’s web page:

Crochet made easy
Coats & Clark, c2002.
Call #: CDROM 746.434 CROCHET
[electronic resource].
1 computer optical disc : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
Copies :
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, or XP
Title from disc surface.
System requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, or XP ; Intel Pentium II 266 (or faster) ; 32 MB memory ; 8X CD-ROM drive ; 16-bit sound card & speakers ; high color (16 bit) capability ; audio/video card compatible with Microsoft’s Direct X drivers.
Additional Authors:
Coats & Clark.
Teaches crochet skills of basic stitches, special stitches, reading patterns, gauge, changing colors, adding new yarn, yarn control, etc. Self-paced learning format ensures success, using illustrations, text and voice-over video. Includes 20 patterns, ranging from beginner to intermediate.

Oh yeah, so I found this DVD to be a little cheesy but it was helpful. Learning crochet is an added bonus for knitting. Like knitting together squares to make a blanket or putting crochet edgings on things. I ended up taking a class though cuz trying to read crochet patterns are really hard fo rme for some reason. But then again I can’t read knitted charts either. Good luck.

Yes, stitchguide’s the best online place at the moment, that I know of. I actually did buy the domain name :mrgreen:, but I’ll be VERY surprised if I ever do anything with it, since I’m primarily a knitter at heart, and have little time these days. StitchGuide has numerous videos on crochet. The library DVD sounds good too.

Happy Crochetting!

This is a good place to start. Crochet just doesn’t need the video help as much as knitting does. And most crochet books have instructions for stitchs in the back.

Holler if you need anything else!

"old crocheter who just learned to knit"

Thank you all for the great replies! :thumbsup:

I will check out the suggestions :cheering:

Amy, keep up the amazing work! ALL knitters need you! :happydance:

aka - dayna

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Try this:

I like to crochet better than knitting. IMHO, it gives you “control” and flexibility, easier to cover up errors. But I like the way knitted stuff looks better.

I was listening to a live broadcast where they said “Crocheting is the new knitting.” Sigh. Well, at least I can still use my voluminous stash!


I can’t yet help with you learning crochet… if i had the money to start it i would have already helped my wife get a crochet board off the ground.

That said, if any of you have questions, I have a couple of crochet-ers that I know, my wife and my next door neighbor that I can ask questions. Feel free to PM me and I’ll pass along the questions and answers.

Good Luck!

I ditto what Carie said, that you can cover up errors more easily with crochet. Plus, correcting errors is way easier. That said, I just LOVE to knit. I’m glad I have the crochet background, limited though it may be, because, as Feminestmama said, it is an added bonus to knitting.

The Coats & Clark Crochet Made Easy CD was what finally bridged the gap for me from not quite “getting” crochet, to actually being able to do it. It’s really cheap, too (less than $10), and you can buy it online, directly from them, or find it on eBay (most of the time). :smiley:

I taught myself to crochet years ago. I had to have someone teach me to knit, 'cause I couldn’t figure it out for myself. :lol: The great thing about crochet is that you can just pull out stitches to go back and correct a mistake, instead of the complicated rigamarole of un-knitting and frogging.

Crochet is a great skill to learn. You can make some really beautiful stuff. I still daydream about some of my crochet sweater patterns. The problem is that a crochet sweater takes more yarn and the sweaters I really want would cost about $100. Yikes!

So good luck! It looks like “Knitting Help” can probably offer support for your new crochet addiction, too.

I’m sorry, I’m of absolutely no help; I, too wanted to learn to crochet after knitting. I’m a self-taught knitter, but as I am trying to learn to crochet, knitting projects that I should be doing are occupying the back of my brain & I CANNOT concentrate on the crochet. If anyone has a solution to that problem; please advise me bc I want to crochet, too…but I don’t want to stop knitting long enought to do it…it’s a horrible problem…what to do…what to do

I was at the bank today. The customer service rep and I got to talking and knitting came up (I wonder how? :wink: ) She said that she crochets and tried to learn to knit, but she couldn’t get the hang of it. Her friend suggested that she stop crocheting for 6 months and then pick up knitting so that she didn’t have the conflicting skills going thru her head. (What are people thinking??!!) I said I’d rather throw myself off a bridge than try to give up needlecrafts and that I would be happy to teach her to knit. So I may have a pupil sometime soon! :smiley:

I was teaching a friend of mine to crochet and then she went home to try to teach her husband. He is now great at it and she has decided knitting is better for her. Anyway, he swears by Crochet Cabana He really is self taught using the information from that site.

I learned to crochet when I was a little girl. Although now I am obsessed with knitting, I may be albe to help if you run into any snags while learning.