Help! I think my brain must be fried

Seriously, this is just a basic top-down cardigan and my brain must be fried from the holidays because I’m lost. Here’s the pattern:

I’m to the part where you put the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn.
So you knit until you’ve got three inches or so and then you start the decreases. I don’t understand where she is getting the stitches to knit in between the markers. Shouldn’t they (the stitch markers) be right next to each other?

Nevermind! I think I got it. I think… When I put the sleeves on scrap yarn, I should leave one of the markers on the cable to delineate where the side of the sweater is. Wow!, I’m brilliant… :teehee:

I think you’re right, but she didn’t actually say that, so it’s not just you. :slight_smile: