Help! I think I'll be hearing a frog in my near future

Being quite a novice still (knitting less than a year), I am still learning new things and will be for quite some time…probably forever! Anyway, I am knitting a baby hat on circular needles. When you get to a certain point, you ssk, k8, yo, ssk, k8, yo, etc…

My problem is, when I read in the directions how to do the yarnover, I did what it said. I am finding it is leaving holes in my knitting. Just now I looked at the video on here (which I should have done to begin with!! :wall: ) and it looks as if after you do the yarnover you do a purl on the very next stitch? Is that correct?

Thanks for any help…Lord knows I need it!


YO’s are SUPPOSED to leave holes!! You’re ssk is a decrease that is off-set by the yo increase. If there wasn’t supposed to be a hole–in this case an eyelet rather than a hole–you would have done a different increase.

Embrace your eyelets–they’re supposed to be there!!

Thank you Ingrid and your llama and yellow thing!!! On the picture holes were not visible.

pat…breathing a great sigh of relief!

The yellow thing is a banana. :rollseyes: I think he may be getting overripe. Maybe it’s time to look for a new avatar. :thinking:

Oooo but he’s so cool. Ya know he goes along with the same rythm as my Bob Marley CD right now. (Lively Up Yourself)

Well, there IS a banana with dreds–I don’t remember if he dances, though! :wink: