Help! I think I missed a loop here or something

Can someone tell me what I did wrong here? And if it’s possible to go back and fix it? Or can I just keep going and try and ignore the hole or will the whole thing unravel?

It looks kind of like you slipped a stitch from one needle to the other without knitting it, then knit it on the next row. You don’t have to take it out, knit till you’re over the hole, drop the st off the needle and straighten it out, then go on.

yep you missed one what are you making

redo the whole thing sorry

I’m just doing a scarf, but trying out a whole bunch of different stitches on it so I’m probably never gonna wear it. I ended up just ignoring the hole and I kept going. It hasn’t unraveled (but maybe it’s because I haven’t pulled on it), but there’s definitely a hole. Oh well, this was just a practice piece, thankfully. :shrug:

Yeah, it’s fine to keep goin, call it a ‘design feature’. If you do a similar mistake on something that’s not just a practice piece, you don’t have to take out the whole thing, just unravel back to the boo boo, put the sts on the needles and go from there.

Oh, well! :slight_smile: If it’s a scarf, just keep knitting garter stitch (all knit stitches) until a couple of inches before the end. Then do a YO on one row, followed by k2tog on the next, and you’ll have a matching hole.

Might be handy for wrapping around your neck and tying a decorative cord through them.

But why not have a matching pair?


Lol, DCM. :rofl:

Suzeeq, I wish I had read your post yesterday… I started my placemats, and sure enough, about 2 inches in, I messed up and ended up frogging the whole thing. :pout: I’ll never finish at this rate!

Chalk it up to experience. I’ve frogged so much, I’m an expert frogger. :frog:
Knitting? That’s another matter, I’m almost fairly competent. :knitting: