Help! I think I dropped a yarn-over

I’m making a pair of socks. I’m using a lace pattern for the first time…and I’ve already tinked more than I ever have b4! I think I dropped a yarn-over on the last row, because I can’t see where a dropped stitch is. How do I correct this? I’ve been knitting 2 years. I’m comfortable knitting, I just don’t see the patterns well to see where something went wrong.
Can anyone help?

If you can walk through the pattern and see where the dropped st is… like this let’s say it was K 2 Yo…if you can K2 then see your YO then you know that’s not it just work around the sock till you find the space that is missing the YO if it was just the row before it will be easier to spot…once you find the spot PU like you would a M1…I sometimes do this for sock patterns instead of doing a YO…it makes the holes not so big…:thumbsup:

Or when you find the spot where the YO should be, pull up the yarn between stitches like you would for a dropped one.