Help! I need your expertise re: yarn choice!

I’m about to order Andean Treasure from Knitpicks but, being so new, want to make sure I’m making the right decision. I’m REALLY nervous. The scarf is for my dad, I’ll be knitting on 10.5 needles and want the scarf to be SUPER soft (I hate wool-too itchy). I also want it to hold up so it will last (he won’t mind having to hand wash so that’s ok). It has to be charcoal grey and that limits me greatly.

Andean Treasure was rec’d and it looks gorgeous. I just want to make sure it would knit up nicely if I held 2 strands together with 10.5 needles for this pattern:

Thanks so much! I’m so scared to choose the wrong yarn for this as I want it to be very special. :slight_smile:

Can’t help you with KP yarns, but I’ve made a scarf very similar to that one…

Not all wool is itchy. I used Patons Inca, which is a wool/alpaca blend and is the softest yarn :smiley:

Have a feel of a few different ones…

I looked everywhere (in stores) for Patons Inca and can’t find it anywhere. So I think I’d end up having to order it online anway :frowning:


As for the needle size, the only thing you can really do is swatch. Even with the same needle size, a tighter knitter may get a stiffer fabric than someone who knits more loosely. Knit 4 inches or so, and see if YOU like the feel of the fabric. :shrug:

I have used Andean Treasure double stranded for hats. I think the largest needle I would use is a 9 or 10. You can try the 10.5, but I think it might make too loose of a fabric (depending on your tension, of course).

It is very soft and I think the heathered tones are a great choice for men’s items.


Do you remember what your gauge was? The yarn that the pattern calls for is 4 stitches per inch and that’s about what I got when I doubled andean treasure.

No I don’t remember. I used it for hats that I made last year for Christmas and gave them away. If you are using it for a scarf, I would think that gauge is not super critical and concentrate on if you like the way the fabric feels.


Yeah, I agree. Mostly I was curious to see whether you got a gauge similar to what I got. We used 4 stitches per inch to estimate the yardage she’d need to get a scarf of a certain length (in a previous thread), but I put in a big fudge factor, so even if her gauge is a bit tighter, I think she’ll be okay.

A lot of people find alpaca yarn itchy on their skin even though it may feel soft to the touch. There was quite a long discussion on Knitters Review about it recently. Unless you know your dad can tolerate alpaca I would say you are taking a chance. Personally, I find alpaca yarn almost as itchy as regular wool.

If it were me I would look for a good quality merino yarn. I have used some of Knitpick’s merino yarns and I didn’t find them to be significantly softer than regular wool so I would say look for a regular brand name merino.

I just read through the KR discussion you mentioned and there doesn’t seem to be a clear concensus on the issue – everyone has different preferences and tolerances. Really, the only way to know for certain whether a particular yarn is a good choice or not is to have the recipient wear it. Unfortunatley, that’s not always possible.

FWIW, I’m not fond of all alpaca yarns (suri dream is another KP alpaca yarn that is very pretty, but is a bit prickly when worn), but andean treasure is one I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. I’d actually choose it above a merino wool if I were unsure of the recipient’s preferences. JMO

Thanks SOOOOO much everyone! I learn so much from you guys!

Jane, I think you’re right about being safe with 4 skeins. If there’s anything left over I could probably make a cute cell phone holder! I’m so excited! Thanks!