Help! I need an easy DPN pattern

I have been knitting for about a year and have never knitted anything with DPN’s. Does anyone know of a really simple pattern that would help me get started? Thanks :muah:

You can make a simple tube for a scarf. Or make it a bit bigger around and use it as a slip over neck warmer. Sorry, I know that isn’t really a pattern, but I enjoy figuring things out as I go. You could also look on line for a very simple fingerless glove pattern, the kind with just a slit for a thumb.

A basic hat is easy to do. One thing I like about a hat is that you can start it on a circular needle and then move to the dpns as it gets smaller. I remember finding it very daunting to start out on dpns when I first used them - for my first sock, which nobody wants to wear!

You might just want to CO about 30 stitches with some leftover yarn and just do a practice piece.

I second the hat… that’s what my first dpn project was. I did not start on a circular needle, but I can see how that would make it easier…

I would find a hat pattern here or on Ravelry (if you are on there) that you like and use it.

Knitting Wisdom has a site for socks 101 that has a very simple sock pattern and pictures with the instructions, using dpns. It uses Worsted Weight yarn, so I suggest using wooden or plastic dpns, as the metal ones in that size are kind of heavy and harder to manipulate

I just made a last-minute man’s hat for a stocking stuffer.

Used this site for basic sizing info:
(but didn’t exactly follow the top decreasing, since mine wasn’t ribbed all the way up)

Made mine from red heart ‘Cozy Wool’ on 6.5mm dpns. Cast on 54 sts. K3P3 ribbing for 4.5". Stocking st for 5".

round1: K7, k2tog.
round2: K.
round3: K6, k2tog.
round4: K.
round5: K5, k2tog.
round6: K.
round7: K4, k2tog.
round8: K.
round9: K3, k2tog.
round10: K.
round11: K2, k2tog.
round12: K.
round13: K1, k2tog.
round14: K2tog.
Cut yarn, thread tail through last 6 sts on needles to fasten. Pull tight to wrong side and weave end in.

Do you have access to a yarn shop? A lot of them have patterns for knitters new to ‘dpns’. They are also usually most generous with their time and will take the time to show you how to manipulate all those ‘sticks’. It isn’t hard to learn.
I have only been knitting for about two years, not fanatically or frenetically, but when the need to hold needles or a circular needle comes over me, and actually comes to making the hands literally ‘twitch’ for my circular needle, it is so rewarding.
Making a hat is for me, about a day and a half, but remember, I am a relatively new knitter. I bet some of these experienced knitters can turn out a hat in half a day! (A goal for me.) If I had the chance to work on it non-stop, one day.
The return on one day of knitting for a gift for someone is priceless. I hope you have found what you are looking for, and the posted pattern from Gotta Knit is a [U]very good pattern[/U].
My very best wishes for you, you have entered into a world of a very satisfying productivity in learning to knit. It will give you years and years of boundless pleasure.

I third the hat suggestion.
Just simple stockinette whatever size you need to whatever length you want, use this page to figure the decreases.

Just wanted to update y’all. :cheering: I found this pattern and really want to make them so it motivated me to learn how to use dpn’s. I found this video on youtube I think I have the idea of it now. I just cast on 12 sts and knit a couple inches to get the hang of how to hold the needles before commiting to a project. Heres what I have so far…

That’s always a good idea and looks like you’ve got it figured out.