Help! I need a pattern for a lacey Moebius Scarf

Hi Kids:

I’m new to this online/blog stuff, but found your site and marked it as a Fav! I have been searching for a pretty lacy pattern to make a Moebius scarf for my niece…I would say I’m a beginner/intermediate peaceKnit with an advanced heart and soul.

Many thanks for your guidance. :muah:

PeaceKnit in PA

There’s one on Cat Bordhi’s site. It’s for a neckwarmer/cowl, but can be made larger.


Thank you for posting that link. I looked all over the DIY site for that pattern after I saw the show the other day. I love that pattern. Hopefully it won’t be too tough for me to figure out!

It’s very easy.


Thanks Sue. I’ll try to adjust the measurements…do you think this will be a nice pattern for a mohair?

Also, I see you’re from Wyoming. Beautiful State~ my brother lives in Jackson.

PeaceKnit in PA :hug:

Yes a mohair would be great for this; use larger needles like an 11 and you may not have to adjust the CO stitches, they’ll naturally make it longer. Depends on how long you want it.

I’m at the other end of the state - not as pretty but not quite as cold and snowy as Jackson. The wind blows a lot more though…


I just watched an episode of Knitty Gritty on the DIY Network yesterday and they had a designer with a beautiful Moebius Scarf on it. I really would love to try this, the yarn she uses is also beautiful.

DIY Moebius Scarf

Just Scroll down and you see a picture of it and the pattern.

I recently made this pattern a wrap.

I just halved the lace pattern, so it happened every 5 stitches, rather than every 10, which made it much larger too.

Took a few cast ons to get it right…

I made it on larger needles and did it over 6 or 8 sts.


The pattern on Cat Bordhi’s site is not a full pattern. She says you need her book for the instructions on how to get it started so you would probably be better off using the one on the DIY network.

It’s the full pattern, you just need the book for her method of Mobius Cast On which is similar to one of the provisional castons, except you use the other part of the cord instead of waste yarn. That’s in the pattern on the DIY link, but the pictures in the book help. There’s a link in one of the boards to a vid of the CO she demonstrated on Knitty Gritty which shows it in action.


If you get stuck with the cast on, I can put the vid back up on my website.