Help! I need a hat pattern

I’m looking to find a pretty simple hat pattern…I’ve knit other things before but I’ve never knit a hat…and I’m having a hard time finding a good pattern to start with…any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

Lion brand yarn has a lot of hat patterns on there website and they are free. I hope this helps!!!

thank you! I’ll check it out

How about a touque? Simple to knit - choose a size circular knitting needle you like, determine the # stitches/inch gauge you knit on that size needle, measure the person’s head diameter and add 2" - then cast on an even # stitches that will satisfy that diameter + 2. Now K1, P1 for 3’. Yep, that’s 3 [I]feet[/I]. Then simply thread your yarn through all the stitches on your needle - remove needle, pull taught to gather all the stitches together, tie. Now put a tassell or pom-pom on the tied-off tip.

To wear, roll up the edges until comfortable. Hint: the rolled-up portion makes an excellent ear-warmer!


If you can knit and purl this hat is wonderful!

I am working on one for my 13 yr old in the teen size.

You may want to hold 2 strands of yarn together or use thicker yarn. I am making this one about 10" tall so there is a brim that can be rolled up over the ears and hoping that will be warm enough. It is a stretchy looser knit with Worsted weight yarn.

You could also use wool and then felt it for more warmth.

Great pattern!

There are LOTS of free hat patterns here:

Thank you so much everyone :slight_smile: