HELP! I Need 3 More Skeins


Does anyone have 3 skeins of Crystal Palace WAIKIKI Chocolate Almond yarn?

Please let me know. :waah:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/COLOR][/B]


Hi To All!

I need 3 more skeins of Crystal Palace " WAIKIKI " yarn. The color is CHOCOLATE ALMOND.

I’ll be checking in every so often to see.


I found some at these sites.


I have seen those. They are both priced too high. I got the skeins I have from for just a few bucks… So I’m going totry and get them a little cheaper before going to those sites.

But Thank You for pointing those out. HAve you used those sites before? I don’t like buying stuff on sites I haven’t used before. :Let me know. O.K. ?

How about $6.95??? Froogled it and found it on Yarncountry

I’m moving this to buy/sell/swap…I think you might get more response there.

I don’t think I’ve used those before, but I think others in the forum have used them.


I saw that had 2 left, so I bought those.


Thank You!!! Sounds great![/COLOR][/B]