Help, I lost a stitch on my scarf

I am fairly new to knitting, I’ve only done felted projects that are very forgiving. I’m making a scarf with cables now, I was doing well, I’m on the 10th row and I realized that I only have 41 stitches and I am supposed to have 42 stitches. What should i do, I can’t figure out where i dropped the stitch. should I just pick up a stitch somewhere, and if so ,how and where would I do that?

It depends on the pattern. If there is an edging, you would want to keep that even on both sides, and you’ll want to keep the cable pattern even.

Maybe you can compare the stitches on each half and see which side has one less and add one there.

Look on the back side of the cables, it is easy to loose a st off the cable needle.

thanks for your help, I tried to locate it and had no luck. Call me crazy, but I ended up undoing the whole thing and I’m starting again :slight_smile:

That’s not crazy–we’ve all done it, more than once. :teehee: