Help! I have to go off the pattern!

I’m making a baby blanket for a friend, she sent me beautiful Misti Alpaca chunky. My pattern gives me needle sizes for fingering, DK and worsted, but not chunky.

Can you tell me what needle size to use, and what other changes I should expect? Will the blanket be bigger? Will I need more of the yarn since it’s chunky? I have done the pattern before so that helps, but I’m nervous to screw this up for her!


Here is the pattern:

Since it’s knit in the round from the center out, size shouldn’t be an issue. You’d have to use needles that give you a nice fabric with your yarn–try it with whatever the recommended size is and see if you like it.

Then you can work it until it’s the size you want, or you run out of yarn.:shrug:

If it’s chunky yarn, I’d suggest using 11s. I think 10s (usual size) would make it too stiff and dense.

How much yarn do you have? I’d try the needles called for on the yarn skein to start with. Since it starts in the middle with not too many stitches that can be like your swatch. :slight_smile: If you like how it looks keep going, if not, rip out and switch needles up or down as you think best. This will work, but the end product will look a bit different than the blanket you made before.

If you make as many rounds as it calls for it will be bigger than it says. I’m not sure if it will take more yarn or not. It will probably take more in weight if you make all the rounds it calls for, and seems like the yardage would not go as far on big needles either. You won’t have any changes in the way you make it, it will just be thicker and bulkier.

Like Ingrid said, the way it is made you can just stop when you want or need to. I hope everyone is happy with the result.

With heavier yarn and larger needles there’s more blanket per yard. That’s because the gauge is bigger so it takes less sts and rows to get the same size.