Help! I Have Holes on Right Side of My Short Row Heel

I need your help. I’m about to pull out my hair over holes in my short row heels.

I’ve googled and tried just about every method, and I’m still winding up with holes on the right side of the knit side of my heel turn. I don’t know why the holes are only on this side.

Can anyone offer any advice? I’ve frogged this stupid heel so many times that two of my stitches are stretching beyond belief.

I’m thinking that there’s something wrong with the way I’m picking up my wraps on that side. As I’ve said, I’ve watched a ton of videos…Cat Bordhi’s and others…where you pick up the wrap from one side or the other.

Nothing I do is preventing the holes on the right side.

Please put a knitter out of her misery and help me. :teehee:

Thanks y’all.