Help! I got swollen finger

I just realised i have swollen finger when i tried to clench my palm. Then i asked my mom, she said this maybe because i am knitting too much.
Before that, I knit a hat with 3mm steel dpns, i hold it real tight bcs i’m not used to dpns, i’m afraid that the stitches may slip (the yarn quite smooth).
When i knit, i didn’t feel anything. I try to hold the needle again, it hurts. It get hurt when something pressed on it. When i touched the swollen area, it is hard.
Is it okay? How long will it last? How to reduce swelling? Do I need to see doctor? Please Help. Im scared :frowning:

illioni.w I sympathize completely but there are ways to ease your discomfort. For immediate relief put a band aid over the sore part of your finger while you experiment with a more permanent way to relieve the issue. I use knitting needle stitch stoppers when I have a lot of stitches on my dpn’s or for storing an unfinished project on any needles and they are not that expensive. Another option would be to transfer your stitches to a circular needle (I use the interchangeable kind) or you could look into the magic loop method as an alternative to dpn’s. Finally I would suggest wooden or plastic needles with soft points (some are very sharp). Good Luck


Thank you. I will try to use stopper

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Take a break from knitting for awhile until the swelling goes down and it feels comfortable to knit.
I switched from metal to wood or bamboo dpns in order to prevent the needles from slipping out of my knitting. The bamboo is grabbier and makes dpns easier for me although it limits the hilarity in my family when metal dpns come shooting out of the sts.


Please don’t ask for medical advice on a message board. I don’t think anyone should be giving you advise. Go to your doctor. He/she is better equipped at giving you information.

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A cheap (free) alternative are the ear plugs you get on some flights.
Although not flown since October 19, we have loads. These not only stop stitches falling off but also cushion the ends of the dpns in your palm as they’re soft.

I totally disagree. It isnt “medical advise” it is seeking insight from others who may have had the same problem. I did not respond because my hand discomfort came from handling much thicker yarn. So it was not applicable in this case. People here understand it is merely sharing our experience. Not cast in stone medical dogma.

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