Help, I Forget Which Cast-On Knits the First Row

uh, I’m having a duh moment. My pattern says to CO and that then the first row should be a WS row … it doesn’t specify which CO method to use, but isn’t it the cable cast-on that you should purl the first row in order to get stockinette?
(of course, this is for the sleeves and it has been so long since I did the CO for the rest of the sweater I can’t remember which CO I used …)

Probably the long tail cast on. Normally I don’t count the co as a row, but I guess your pattern does in this case.

They say the Long tail cast on does, but I don’t think it does ‘knit the first row’ really, and don’t count it as a row.

thank you, ladies, for indulging me. I checked the videos and did find the explanation that the long-tail lets you purl the first row for ST… I knew I’d heard or seen that somewhere. Now, I DO wonder what the heck I did for the back and front of the sweater … I do long-tail in a weird way that my MIL taught me 20 years ago and I’m pretty sure that’s not what I did, but don’t remember for sure. I is hopeless.

You don’t [I]have[/I] to purl the first row if you use a LT CO, especially if it’s a bit different; I don’t and it works out fine.

I don’t purl it either. I just cast on and start on row one whatever that may be.