Help! I don't know how to restart!

I am a new knitter, and don’t know how to “fix” my boo-boos. I’m making a scarf, and had some holes, so I unraveled back to where it looks good. However, now when I put it back on the needle, it’s messed up! Help!

If the sts are twisted, just straighten them out so they’re not. Otherwise, I’m not sure what you mean by `messed up’.

True, “messed up” is probably not very descriptive. :slight_smile:
What I meant is that once I put all the “loops” back on the needle and try to re-start, it doesn’t work. It’s tight, and it looks funny. Maybe I’m putting it on the needle wrong?

If you have a small size (circumference) cable needle, you might try threading it through the stitches below where you ripped too, then ripping down to the cable needle. There are some videos on this site that can help you with that, as well as some that can help with fixing boo boos without frogging. Good luck, and come back if you need more help! :slight_smile:

It sounds like they might be twisted. Are the loops open, or is the bottom crossed? The front leg (closest to you) should be leaning forward–toward the right hand needle. Try turning one around and see if that looks better. It took me a long time to tell the difference between twisted, and not twisted loops.

When I need to get my stitches back on a needle, I find it easiest to unravel the sts one at a time and pick them back up as I go. It means ripping one more row, but that way I can be sure I didn’t miss any. The odd st might go on twisted, but it should be noticeable since it doesn’t match the others. Good luck!

I’m realtively new but have finally masterd the art of ripping. I do it a lot. When I replace the stitches I use a stitch holder and the carefully thread or even knit them back on the needle. Most have to be turned around so that’s what I think may be happening here. If I haven’t done too much, I often start all over again or cry for help.