HELP! I don't have money for rent!

But I do have plenty of yarn. Anyone want to buy some so I can pay my rent? Here’s some photos and descriptions. Let me know if you need more info. I also have a bunch of Goodwill finds of J Crew sweaters I unraveled that I can sell too.

OK here we go.

This first yarn is from a funky yarn store in San Francisco Called Artfibers.
The dark purplish color is called Basque, its 58% silk and 42% Superkid mohair. Its 110 yards, gauge is 18 by 23 =4 inches on #7 needle. The label says 93 yards makes a 1 foot square in stockinette. the pinkish color is called Kyoto. Its 110 yards also, 69% silk, 25% Superkid mohair and 6 % extra fine wool.

The other skeins are from Bouton d’or (or Anny Blatt) and they areboth KSAR. Half wool, half camel hair. So lusciously soft. 91 yards 50grams. Here’s a link to see them

These are all on the $12-14 price range.

Next we have Debbie Bliss 100% wool called Soho in a verigated color. 72 yards, 50 grams. 16 sts x 22 rows = 4 inches on size 9 needles. I only have one skein of it. (Left over from first clog attempt) then I have three skeins of the pink Lamsb Pride worsted.

Next is a bunch of Dale of Norway. Theres some full skeins and a bunch of little leftovers. Some are Daletta, Heilo or Tiur. All are 100% wool. I guess I would call it sport weight or sock weight. Good on size 2 or 3 needles. I can wrap the skeins around my 3 foot long table to see exactly how many yards are in in each little blob.

OK now this is two skeins (but I also have a hat I made that doesn’t fit anyone that I can rip out) of this Dream Baby from Plymouth. It’s 50% acrylic microfiber and 50% nylon. So its soft and strechy. Good for baby socks or hats or whatever. 183 yards, 50 grams, recommended needle size is 6 but I used smaller than that. It’s like a sport wiehgt. Its a verigated blue, green and pink.

Next is 2 skeins of homespun. You know homespun right?

Next is 8 skeins of Jo Sharp DK cotton, Soho Summer. Its 100% cotton, 109 yards each, gauge on the label says 22.5 sts + 30 rows = 4 inches on #6 needles. THe color is called Current. IT is a very dark purple.

The verigated skeins are Classic Elite Filati D’Italia Isabella. 3 skeins. It is a discontinued color. It’s 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. 63 yards, recommended needle size is 10. I think I used an 8 tho.

Next is a kid mohair from Frnace. Berger du Nord. 135 yards each recommended needle size is 3-4. The color is a bright electric pinkish marrony kinda color.

Next I got some KP dancing that I just had a hard time knitting with it. Too elastic. I got 3 skeins of it in this verigated greenish, blueish, orangy, yellowish color. 253 yards needles size 1-3, its sock yarn. I think the color is called two step.

Then I have 2 skeins of KP Sock Landscape. I don’t think they sell this anymore. 192 yards, needle size 1-3, sock yarn. 100% merino wool so its not superwash. Its a verigated color. I think its called New England foliage or something like that. I love this yarn but I need rent more.

Iam interested in the last set.
The sock yarns. How much were you wanting, and do you take paypal/money order?

Laura C

Next I got a bunc of mohairs. The rainbow colored stuff isLuxury Mohair from King Cole. 78% mohair, 13 % wool and 9% nylon. 110 yards, rec needle size is 9 but its real thin and wispy. I used it straned with another color to give the hat softness and jazz up the color.

The dark purple is Sirdar color soft. 60% mohair, 125 yards chunky. I have 2 or 3 of these.

Then 2 skeins of fuzzy pink anny Blatt Rustique 100% wool, 64 yards rec needle size 6, very fuzzy.

Then one skein of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush 80% baby alpaca 20% acrylic. 110 yards rec needle size 9, its a vergated maroonish pink. Very soft. I used these doubled stranded with other yarns for soft hats and mittens.

How about $20 for the whole bunch? You can send me a money order if you like. I’ll PM you my address.

OK So I love this yarn. Very pretty and soft. But I have no idea what to make with it. Gotta let it go. 3 skeins of Praire Silk from Brown Sheep. Not verigated, just a solid yellow. It’s 10% silk, 18% mohair and 72% wool. So it is NOT superwash. 88 yards, sugg needle size is size 8. the color is leveraged lemon

The verigated one is Classic ELite waterspun 100% merino. 138 yards, 5 sts per inch on size 7 needles.

Now I have 3 purple solid, 3 verigated and another 3 verigated (knitted up but I can rip out and make it all pretty again) of Yukon from Plymouth.

Its super bulky and makes great hats. 35% mohair, 35% wool and 30% acrylic. 59 yards, sugg needle size is 15 but I used smaller and it was fine.

I got some Winituk acrylic if that s yer bag.

And some cotton from a J Crew sweater I ripped out. its just 100% cotton in white. I could measure how many yards it is if you want it. I also have other sweaters in cotton and a mohair wool and an angora in pink.

I have a bunch of other stuff so if yer looking for something just ask and I may have that too.

How much for the Berger Du Nord mohair and the Jo Sharp DK Cotton (soho summer)?

(I hope all is well with you! this is some serious stash to be parting with!)


How much for the Dale of Norway lot? and the debbie bliss/lambs pride worsted lot?

Lana C.

Ahhh, I’d love the prarie silk & mohair…still up for sale?

Rhy :heart:

The rainbow colored stuff isLuxury Mohair from King Cole is gorgeous.

How much and can I paypal and will you send to UK?

Oh I hope you do cos I love it!!! :heart:

:muah: Sharon