help, I don't have a pattern for this, any guesses?

I found a scarf that I’d really like to learn how to knit. My Mom tells me that she knitted it some time ago and can’t remember where she put the pattern. So, I am really hoping that there are some super skilled knitters in here who can help me with a pattern. I at least figured out that there is a border of maybe about 6 knit stitches, and that there is a cable component in there as well. The other pattern in the middle seems to be some sort of diamond shape? I have no idea what sort of techniques are involved, but I am game to try, if someone out there can figure out a pattern. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Pretty scarf! This pattern isn’t exactly right but it comes close:

Knittingfool is a good resource for pattern stitches.

Ooooh, close enough!! Thank you so much for the speedy help, I’ll give it a go!

I think I found it!