Help, I cast on too tightly!

Hello. I hope that an expert knitter will be able to help me with my completed poncho. It was knit in the round starting at the top and unfortunately I cast on too tightly so the top edge of the poncho is to tight to drape off the shoulder as intended! Can I undo the cast on edge?

First, have you tried to wet block it and stretch out the neck as much as possible? Soak it completely, squeeze out the excess water, then try to shape it the best you can.

You can undo a bind off edge, but not the cast on edge. :frowning: If blocking doesn’t work, the only way to correct this is to cut off the cast on edge, pick up the live stitches, re-knit a row or two, then bind off. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try it, this link will help you. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Next time you cast on, you might want to use a needle one size up from the size suggested; then switch back on your first row to the original size suggested.

Good Luck