Help! I can't find any more of this yarn!

I received some skeins of yarn from a friend who gave up knitting when she started her Ph.D. program. It is the Red Heart “Wintuk” Sport Yarn, Net wt. 2 0z., 2 ply, 100% Orlon Acrylic Fiber.

I ran out of a skein a small number of rows away from completing a baby blanket. I have searched high and low for this yarn and I can’t find it anywhere. Has it been discontinued? Is it the same as the straight up Red Heart Sport Yarn? If the latter, then phew! If the former, gah!!! What do I do to finish the blanket!? :gah:

I wouldn’t use the other yarn even with the same gauge because the color might be different enough it might not work. What I would do is rip back a few rows and finish it a bit shorter. Would that work with your pattern?

I believe that particular yarn has been discontinued.

Have you tried seeing if you can find a skein for sale or trade by someone online? You could try ebay or Ravelry … several Ravelry members have this yarn stashed, although none are listed for sale. If you really want to finish the pattern as written then you could always try contacting them to see if anyone would be willing to part with a skein. You didn’t mention what color you were looking for, so I’m not sure whether this would be an option or not.

Otherwise, Jan’s suggestion is probably the simplest if you can make it work with your pattern. With something like a blanket no one but you will notice that it was supposed to be a few rows longer!

Alas, no! Because it is a diagonally knitted blanket, and this is the fourth corner. :frowning: It’d be an entire corner missing. It’s so stupid. It’s about two or three inches left.

But it’s a baby blanket and this is the fourth corner. It’s very noticeable.

I may try hunting someone down on Ravelry. sigh I’ve already tried E-bay with no luck.

So. I found two people on Ravelry who have the color I’m using. One with four skeins and one with one. Here I go.

How about making it a hooded blanket at that corner. You could use a contrasting color yarn for the hood.