Help? I Can't figure out what to do after casting on!

I just bought a book, Chick Knits, that has instructions on how to knit, but they are really unclear as to what to do, so I ended up online at this website. The video of how to cast-on helped alot, and made perfect sense, but I can’t seem to figure out what to do with the tail once I’m done. It hangs off the same end as the ball-yarn, so when I try to start my knit stitches, it starts to unravel the cast-on stitches. Do I tie it off and cut it, or hold it tight with my right hand (I tried this, unsuccessfully, but maybe there’s a trick)? It would be nice if there were instructions on this site for finishing the cast-on row and starting the second row, rather than skipping from how to do the first to how to do the second.

There are no instructions on what to do with the tail, because you really don’t do anything with it in the beginning. It hangs there until you’re done, and then you weave it in. What you might try is to use both the tail and your yarn for your first stitch and this will secure it; or just let it be a bit loose at first–things will tighten up as you progress. If you do use both for the first stitch, treat it as one stitch on the next row, putting your needle through both loops of yarn as if it was one.

Did you make a slipknot before you started casting on? A slipknot should not unravel when you start knitting your first row.

Ingrid: Thanks! I’m gonna try using it my first stitch when I pick the needles back up after work today. I was going absolutely nuts last night trying to figure out what to do with that tail! I had about 15 different “how to knit” websites open, trying to find one that would tell me what to do! This will help tremendously.

Auburnchick: no, I followed the Double Cast On method video on this site, which doesn’t use a knot at the beginning at all. However, I don’t see how a knot at the beginning would change the way the tail acts on the other end of the row.

depending on what cast on you used, the tail could be on either end.

When i use the long tail cast on, I usually just knit a few stitches with both pieces of yarn and then abandon the tail.

When you start to knit that first row, make sure you insert your right needle tip into the loop and not between two loops. If you do it between, your cast on stitch falls off the needle.


In addition to the videos and help you get here in KH check out this site.
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