Help, I can't figure out this knit lace edging!

It’s a relatively simple pattern:

but this line is driving me crazy:
Row 2: purl, working (p1, k1) in yo.

what does it mean?
Do I work 2 stitches in the yo?
If so , do I start before the yo or in it?

Nothting is working out with it so far
:doh: :doh: :doh:

Please help!!

I have never done lace. But I think it means that you will purl all the stitches, except when you get to the yarn overs (that you did in the previous row) you will purl and knit into them.

uhh, I hope my ungrammatical correctness makes sense :shifty:

Hmmm. I still don’t understand, how do I purl AND knit into in the same stitch??

I kind of think that you inc in the yo by knitting and purling into it. With the yarn in front, you would purl, don’t slide it off, put the yarn in back, knit into the same st and then slide the whole thing off. How would that work?

Just stick your needle in through the yo, make a purl, but don’t slide the stitch off the needle, then move the yarn to the back of the work, put your needle in the same stitch (thatyou didn’t slide off)knit the stitch, then slide off.

It’s going better now.
I did the same thing in row 4, but I think I wasn’t supposed to: :crying:

Next try for sure! Don’t feel bad for me, I’m doing a test swatch with only two repeats, I learned my lesson, I have to go back and undo my attempt that I tried right on the baby blanket.

Robby (the boyfriend)…DAMMIT! Finish my neices blanket!

Me again: He’s demanding, but adorable.
We’re off to the bar to watch Queer as Folk, I come home and try again after a couple of drinks… yeah, that’ll help

Mod Squad was here :thumbsup: [/size]

Knitting drunk does help.

You’ll screw everything up, but you won’t give a damn either. :thumbsup: