Help! I am so confused!

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to knitting and I really enjoy it. Currently I am working on a cardigan, the pattern is Snuggly DK 4440. I am working on the 3rd size which is for 1-2 years old. This is my first attempt at a cardigan, although I’d appreciate critics I am here looking for help…

Here is my problem. I am working on the neck and raglan shaping, I am unable to work it out on my own- I thought I did one time but I am still stuck!

Row 1: K3, p1, k2, ssk, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. [28 sts]
Row 2: Purl to last 5 sts, k1, p4. These 2 rows set neck and raglan shapings [B]* What does this mean? Does it mean that these 2 rows act as ONE row?*

Work 22 rows dec 1 st at neck edge as before in 3rd and every foll 4th row AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st at raglan edge as before in next and every foll alt row. [12 sts]

[B]What does it mean to dec in 3rd and every following 4th row?[/B]

[B]To clarify, what does “as before” relate to?[/B]

I am not too familiar with booklet patterns and I have always used patterns online… Please help!!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Row 1 and Row 2 are two distinct rows. The directions are telling you where along the stitches on the needle to place the decreases (where to “…set neck and raglan shaping.”). One edge is the neck edge and one the raglan. The decreases are set in 6sts or one stitch from the edges rather than on the first or last sts.

The next set of directions is telling you to dec one stitch at the neck edge on row 3 just as you did in row 1 and to repeat this dec on rows 7,11,15,1, etc.

Oh I understand now! Thank you so much, it has been eating me up for several days, I wish I could express my gratitude in better ways but I am truly truly thankful!!