HELP! I am ready to throw in the towel!

I need some words of wisdom or at least encouragement! I am a brand new knitter…just know the basics and have made a baby hat or two. I am trying to branch out with a new stitch and pattern…I am also about to pull my hair out and throw in the towel with knitting all together! I have started this same project 3 or 4 times now, and i just pulled it all out tonight in frustration. I am so comfortable with crocheting that i feel it is just easier to stick with that and give up trying to knit. But I LOVE the things you can make with knit and the patterns and textures are so varied…
The stitch i am doing in the Knit One Below. I have the book and even took a private class to learn to do it right. But i am all thumbs and although it was going good for about 6 inches this time…I started to drop stitches and add stitches and could not figure out how to fix it. After several attempts and it looking worse and worse i pulled it all out. Now i dont know if i should try it again or not.

Please, any advise or encouragement is appreciated! Have any of you long time/advanced knitters had this problem when they first started??? What should i do???

Thanks for you help

You’re not alone. It happens to all of us so don’t give up. :hug:

If a project is going well and you suddenly start having problems you may need to take a break or knit on a simple, mindless project for awhile. Also you may not be ready to knit with too much going on if the project requires concentration. Just slow down and watch what you’re doing. Speed comes with practice.

Which pattern are you doing? The beer cozy?

That’s a hard stitch to pick up stitches from. I usually take them out one by one, back to where the mistake was. Some of the sts will have two strands on the needle because of knitting one below, so don’t let that freak you, it’s okay. When you reknit them, you’ll find they are the k1b sts so you just knit into both strands.

I’m just finishing up a 6 foot scarf made in all k1 below, purl 1. I love it but it is a bear if you make a mistake. It just looks like ribbing, but it is so thick and cushy. I made 3 mistakes during the course of the scarf and caught them close enough to where they were made that I managed to save things, but it looks a little wobbly in those spots. I have been knitting for over 40 years and a [I]lot[/I] for the last 20 of those years.

I also have a little baby sweater that used that stitch (or something with lots of K1 below) and I had to give up for the same reason you mention. I even took it to my knitting guru where I live who is a knitting genius (I’m not) and asked her if she had any tricks for fixing mistakes in that stitch. She dinked with it a few minutes and handed it back to me with this admonition, “Don’t make any mistakes”. :lol: I’m thinking of trying the little sweater again, but at that time (about 2 years ago I couldn’t “not make mistakes”. I’m thinking of trying the use of a life line to try it and see if I can manage it that way.

For you, I’d advise picking a different stitch for now. There are lots of beautiful stitches that don’t involve something that is such a devil to fix. Pick something that is more doable and save this idea for later…and try a life line when you do. :lol:

Don’t give up on knitting. It is a great craft. I also crochet, but I prefer knitting now.

She dinked with it a few minutes and handed it back to me with this admonition, “Don’t make any mistakes”.

Yea, I agree with MerigoldinWA, Try something easier when your just starting out. You will be able to do harder things with experiance.

AND…we are all here for you…on a personal note…Im self taught cuz I dont have any knitters near me or LYS’s and I was determined. So I will jump right in and help ANYONE who wants it.

Keep trying!!!:knitting:

I think you should think about lifelines too. I seriously used to think that they were a waste, until I started working on lace. Now I can’t knit without them. It keeps you from getting that horrible frustration when you have to rip something out. Cuz at least you only have to rip out may an inch instead of 6. I put mine in about every 3 or 4 inches of work. They’re kind of tedious when you put them in, but they make it all worth the effort the first time you make a major mistake.

I have done very few projects with this stitch, and I do some lace, cabling, and patterns as well as crocheting doilies. As the others have said, it is very unforgiving if you make a mistake and the mistakes show. It is not for beginners for sure!
You didn’t mention what weight yarn you are using, think something very bulky would be your best bet.

thanks so much for all your advice…and encouragement.:thumbsup: i needed it, for sure.

I did what a few of you mentioned, and put the Knit One Below book away. I pulled out the other book, also mentioned; Sally Melville’s The Knit Stitch to back up, and slow down with my projects so i can learn and get better skills.

A life line sounds good…but how is that done? I will search here on the board for directions.

Thanks again, everyone

I knew I should have put a link when I saw the suggestion. :teehee:

Wow, super helpful link! I hadn’t heard about lifelines before… I’ll be using them from now on that’s for sure, especially when I knit while watching a movie or something distracting haha.

NYCNessie you probably already know about this, but since I didn’t I’m going to post the link for tinking … Maybe I’m the only knitter in the world who didn’t know about this (like lissaplus2 I’m self-taught with no friends who knit) but it’s sure easier than just pulling stuff out when you make a mistake! I was super happy to find this video haha.

Thanks again for your help. I watched the life line video. wow…that would have really saved my last project from utter destruction!! I will put that to use in all my future knitting attempts.

I am continuing my current piece, the Joel Scarf on pg 36 of the The Knit Experience…Lots of knitting like every row and it will use up some of my yarn from my crocheting projects.

Thanks again guys!