Help i am in need

I was wondering if there was any way I could get “donations” for teal colored yarn and white or cream colored yarn. The reason is I just found out that a dear friend of mine has ovarian cancer and I would love to make her a blanket but finances are very tight…If you could help that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and co-operation!

any particular type that you’re looking for?

Please let me know what kind, how much. I am so sorry for your friend but she is so lucky to have a friend like you.:grphug:

Yes what kind are you looking for? What type of fiber and what weight? Was there a brand you had in mind?

Not very particular to the fiber content I am not picky I would think something not needing allot of care as she is going through chemo threatments. For an example maybe something like 70% cotton 30% wool or acrylic.As far as weight I would say that I used to working with worsted weight but again I will use anything. Also as far as a brand I would have to say that I really like classic elite or even elann or knitpicks but again I will use whatever, I know this doesn’t help allot of you but maybe it gives you an idea… I really hope this helps and if you need anything else just post or pm me. Thanks!

Also I forgot to put how much I would need…Sorry I thought I had everything in the last post…Hehe…Anyway I would have to guess because the crochet version doesnt have how much she used because she is still working on it so I would guess around 2-3 lbs to be on the very safe side ( Gets Dizzy, Falls over and Faints) thats allot if yarn <----- thinking to self. But how much would you suggest?

a crocheted ripple afghan takes about 40 ounces for one that fits a twin size bed…

Like I said before I will take whatever I can get. I think 40 oz would do…especially if I knit the blanket… I think she has a queen sized bed but I wanted this to be an afghan anyway… Hope this helps

Suggestion - make her one that is about 48 x 56 inches square. this is a good size blanket and she can still cover her legs and lay under it. I’ve help do 2 blankets of this size and they are great. The blankets where done with 8x8 squares btw.