HELP! how to

KLL and KRL a purl st

as in

row 1: k1, p3
row 2:KLL, k1, KRL, p3
row 3:k3, p3

and so on


I think you’re reading it incorrectly. You’re not actually doing it [U]on[/U] a purl stitch. The purl 3 at the end of the row becomes a k3 on the other side and the last purl is done [U]after[/U] the KRL.

Where did you get the pattern? For copyright reasons you can’t just post the whole thing here. But can you provide a link, or the name of the book or magazine where you got it from so we can look at it?

it’s just a pattern a friend uses for a bell ruffle…i’m knitting in the round on some longies…

You do have to pick up those inc in the purl, just lift the back loop of it and knit or purl into them. Have you seen the videos on the Increases page?

ok WAIT…

I cant remember EVER seeing an instruction for a “KLL” OR “KRL”

If i used my brain…:zombie: I would assume these mean
Knit Left Lean or Knit Right Lean???

someone please clear this up for me and the others who dont want to admit they havent ever seen this either??? LOL (like me, but the curiosity got the best of me and so i just asked. Yall are welcome.:slight_smile: )

Knit Left/Right [I]loop[/I], but they do lean left and right. The videos are about halfway down the Increases page.

That resembles this…

or this resembles that…:eyes: