Help, How to read Pattern?

I am a self-taught knitter and have made a Zillion scarves. Recently finished my first non-scarf project w/the help of the videos found here, THANKS!
I found a tank pattern that I would like to try but I am confused on the directions. The pattern is from Rebecca-online and is done in Fisherman’s rib. The first row reads:
K1, * slip 1, purlwise w/yarnover, K1 rep from *
So, being new to knitting, my question here is regarding the ‘*’, do I knit just the first stitch and the ‘s1 purlwise w/yo then K1’ all the other stitches on that row?
The second row of the pattern then reads:
*slip 1 purlwisew/yo, K1 Tog w/yo, rep from *, slip 1 purlwise w/yo
My question here is, I begin with the slip 1, ok I understand but how do you K1 tog??? :?? I know how to K2 tog, but knit 1 does not make sense?
Maybe I am being too aggressive and trying a pattern that is too hard, but it is so cute that I just thought I’d give it a shot.

On the * question, yes, you’ve got that right.

I think that you knit one stitch together with the yarn over from the previous row. Make sense? :thinking:

So I am knitting 1 stitch using the yarn-over from the previous row and I do not add another yarn-over after that stitch?
I attached the Rebecca pattern. I understand row 1, but row 2 and 3 are the ones causing me confusion.
If I am reading it correctly for row 2 & 3, I am going to be adding stitches with every yarn-over?
For example, I slip 1 purl-wise then I do a yarn-over, then I knit 1 tog and then another yarn-over? Or-- do I slip 1 purl-wise then do a yarn-over and then knit 1 using the previous row yarn-over but don’t do another yarnover?
Sorry if these questions/patterns are easy for others, I’m just stumped and can’t seem to get my brain to process this pattern :oops:

My computer at work won’t allow me to see the pattern. It is confusing. Maybe if someone has a less restricted computer they can look at the pattern and give you more help. Right now I’m lost, too.

Since there is no such thing as a k1tog, i though it meant k1tog w/ the yarn over from last time, because it seems that in row one you are increasing. Maybe someone else has better insight. Sorry. :frowning: