Help! How do I unflatten a nubby yarn scarf??

Hello! I picked up knitting for the first time in probably 25 yrs and knitted a scarf as a Christmas gift. What drove me to it was some beautiful textured nubby yarn that I spotted in a sale bin in my local art supply store. I loved the texture and colouring. I’m very proud of myself that i actually finished the scarf, I set about blocking it. (The yarn is acrylic, so blocked it with steam.) The blocking seemed to work well, but just to make sure it was dry, I rolled it up in a heavy towel and left it to sit overnight. The result is a dry nicely blocked scarf, but flat. The weight of the towel must have smoothed out the grain. All the lovely texture is gone!! :frowning:

Any ideas how i can re-texturize it?


Steam it again lightly and just leave to air dry?

Steaming can “kill” acrylic so it is permanently flat. If you haven’t done that then I’d wash it and let it air dry with no towel. I usually use the washer and dryer for acrylic, but yarns vary so check the label.

Thanks, Jan!

Thanks, Evie!