HELP! How do I fix this?

I’m hoping someone here can help me…

I’ve been knitting in garter stitch for a sweater and put my knitting down in the middle of a row. When I came back to it, I started knitting the wrong way, so I have a funny looking stitch on my needles now. How do I fix this? I knit it one way, then knit it again the other way. Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Sounds like you’ve done an un-intentional short row… where you knit part way across a row, turn the work, and knit across the way you’d already come.

If this is not in the pattern, your best bet is to knit it back… as in rip the stitches in a controlled manner. What you will have happen if you continue knitting is the addition of a partial row in the middle of your work. So, one part will be taller than the other.

Best of luck with that one…

Thanks for replying. I forgot to mention that after knitting one stitch, I realized I was going to wrong way, then went the correct way the rest of the row. So only one stitch looks weird. Problem is that it’s now about three rows down from my current work. There’s sort of a hole there. Do I have to unravel all of my work to where that stitch was? Thanks, again!

You should be able to use a crochet hook to fix it…like fixing a dropped stitch while knitting. Amy has a video on that. It has worked for me loads in the past!!

Yep that’s what I would do… knit another row and when; drop the stitch in your current that’s in the same column as the extra one, and then pick it back up with a crochet hook. Easy as pie!:thumbsup:

Thanks for all your help! I did manage to fix the stitch, sort of. I looked at the video that Amy has and fixed my stitch, but I think when I fixed the stitch, I somehow pulled it through the wrong way. I’ll have to try and redo it again. But it looks much better now.