HELP! How do I fix this mistake?!

Hello I’m new to knitting and to this forum!
I’ve made a mistake in knitting a scarf and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I’ve got a long scarf now and I’m nearly at the end so I don’t want to give up or unravel it all.

I should have 18 rows on my knitting but there was 19. I tried to correct this and seem to have made it even worse with 17 stitches still on my needles and two hanging off. I’ve tried putting these into my left needle and reknitting then but thats not working. It’s all basic knit stitch.

Any advice welcome! Pics attached :blush:

I am going to leave this to a more experienced knitter there is a way of doing it with a crochet hook but i would have trouble explaining it. SORRY !

Welcome to the forum!
Your knitting looks beautifully even, not always an easy thing to achieve with garter stitch.
First put the two extra loops onto an empty needle then use that needle to tink back to the area of the arrow here:

If you’d like to see a video for tinking (unknitting), here’s one:

Once you have those sts on the needle, see if you’re on the same row. If not, you may need to tink the rest of the row and perhaps the next. It’s painful, I know but it’s a safe way to undo knitting without causing further problems.

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Thanks for the help salmonmac i use a crochet hook but i am aware there sre othere ways of doing it

This video will expain it in a very easy way. :grinning:

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Thank you everyone! I’ve fixed it with your help…phew! I’m sure I’ll be back again soon asking for more help :slight_smile:

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That’s the best news. We’d love to see a photo of your finished scarf.