Help! how can I make a tiny tube with three cable needles

A friend saw this somewhere… I know you great knitters can help!!! :blooby: :yay:

Are you referring to i-cord? (video near bottom of page linked)

I cord…using cables needles! have you heard of using them?

There are several kinds of cable needles, but all the ones I know of are basically a sort of dpn, some I understand are even straight, but I have never used that kind. I guess you could use cable needles to make i-cord, but why would you need three? You usually only need two needles to do i-cord. Maybe what your friend saw was something else other than i-cord, but I don’t know what it would be. I-cord is a tiny tube…?

An i-cord is made with two DPNs. A small diameter tube could be made with DPNs or with magic loop or two circs. You could also use one of those little round loom things.

What are you making and maybe we can help better? Your subject line sounds like you have some sort of tube emergency. :??