Help! Hotmail Look Change without my permission

Hello everyone, but for some reason my hotmail email background changed to something else without my permission. Darn it.

I wanted to change it to the hotmail classic look. I tried everything, but there is no options to change it back. Grrrrr…

Why do many companies change the look when you like the older version. This also happened to my facebook.

If you look on the left side, under your folders, under the block that has the calendar and other options, and finally underneath the ad there should be the option to “Switch to classic”. It’s kinda small and easily missed, on my screen it’s a yellow box with blue print. Hope it’s there for you!

Debra in NC

I don’t see it on my end to be honest. On the left hand side of my hotmail webpage there are the following folders: inbox, junk, etc and at the very bottom are the following: today, and calendar.

The options selection appear on the top right hand side of the webpage below my sign out bottom. It has the following options: language, themes etc. The theme section doesn’t have “hotmail classic look.”

Ok, since you say that you have the “options” selection, go ahead and click on it. At the very bottom of that column underneath where it says Microsoft, Legal, Feedback it should have an option of “More options…” If you click on that it should then change your page to an options page. From my settings it shows as the very first option listed “You’re using the full version of Windows Live Hotmail. Not fast enough? Try the classic version.” If your page shows the same as mine then you can just click on that option and it should (in theory) take your hotmail back to the original classic view. Hoping this works for you! :slight_smile:

Debra in NC

PS - If this doesn’t work for you or your page shows something different, please let me know and I’ll continue to try and help you regain your classic hotmail.

I did try that option Debra. It didn’t give me the option…

Now i under the [B]options section [/B]on the top right hand corner, it has the following headings:

Themes (Now this is the section that’s supposed to help me change it back to classic look but it doesn’t provide me with that option)
Reading panel options
More options

My “[B]more options[/B]” section appears on the top right hand corner of my webpage.

When i click on it, it has the following headings:

Manage accounts
Junk email
Customize your email
Customize your account.

Hmmm…well, this is getting strange, eh? Ok, let’s start with these:

  1. PC or Mac?
  2. If PC, which version of Windows?
  3. What browser are you using?
  4. What version browser?
  5. Did you perhaps download anything immediately prior to this incident?

Debra in NC

I have 2 hotmail accounts.

I don’t think its my pc. I am using Windows XP. I am using internet explorer 5.0.

I don’t know what happened. I access my hotmail from a career centre when i was doing my job search and the next thing you know when i got home, its changes to something else. Grrrr…

Perhaps i clicked on the wrong button at the employment centre when i was doing my job search. Cannot remember.

well MSN changed the look of hotmail for everybody from what I can see. (i don’t use it much as it is mostly just a spam account for me) … I don’t actually see a means for switching back to classic look on my account either.

So its not me then…I don’t understand why they change the layout of one of my hotmail account but not the other.

Anyone have ideas as to what is going on here.

Well, now that Brenda mentioned that hers too has changed, it’s possible that hotmail is undergoing a systems upgrade and will eventually change everyones. You have two hotmail accounts, I’ll bet that they are on different servers with hotmail. That would explain why only one account has changed. If this is the case once all of their servers catch up with this “upgrade” then all hotmail accounts will be the same. I too have two hotmail accounts, apparently neither of them has changed because I can still switch back and forth from their “new” look to the older “classic”. And yes, I do know that my hotmail accounts reside on different servers because sometimes when they have server failures I can easily get into one account, yet the other is impossible to get into at that time. Now, if within a reasonable time period your other account doesn’t automatically switch over, or you want to know for sure what’s going on, you may want to go ahead and contact them and ask if they can explain why you can’t switch from new to classic.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Debra in NC

Why do they need to change the look? Grrrr…

Ahhh, now I see what you’ve been talking about. One of my hotmail accounts got hit with the changes today, but my other account hasn’t yet. Yes, they are upgrading, and that what you have seen is their “new” version of hotmail (or Windows Live Hotmail) and once your account has changed there isn’t any way to return to the older classic look. Eh, change…wish they’d let you know their reasons without just up and changing it without asking if you want it!

Debra in NC

Agree. My other account’s background has been changed today. Grrr…

Yep, mine got changed last night and my daughter’s a couple of days ago. I agree, change isn’t always for the best… I guess we just have to get used to it or use another email system…