Help! Hoodie pattern w/zipper


I am knitting this hoodie pattern for my grandson.
Everything is going just fine, until now.

Here is where I’m at:

Work as for back untilpiece measures 9" from beg, [B]ending with a WS row.[/B]

Shape Armholes & Front Neck:
BO 3, K29, place rem sts on holder. CO 4 sts for front facing.

Next Row: (WS) P4, K1, P to end

OKAY. This is where I get stuck because where I bolded it on the front it says to end with a WS.

I did all that, then I BO 3, K29 and put the rest of the stitches on a holder and CO 4 more stitches.

For the next row it says I should be on the WS…???
Shouldn’t I now be on the RS ???

This hoodie has a 6" zipper in the front middle at the neck.

I’m confused.
Please help me.
Thank you.
I luv you guys.

Here is the pattern:

Hope the link works.
Thank again for any help you lovely knitters can give me on this.

I think it means to end having just worked a WS row instead of with the WS facing (in which you would have just worked a RS row) Does that make sense? The pattern does seem to word it in a confusing way.

To me, because you’re knitting in stockinette and the line after the one you bolded tells you to knit, if you finished with the WS facing, then you’d be knitting when you should be purling to keep the stockinette stitch consistent.

Yeah! you’re right, because I started [I]knitting [/I]after where I put the bold, (like the pattern says) and it does not look right at all. It’s like I should be [I]purling[/I] after the bold to match the rest of the front stitches.

I am going to take that whole row out and see if anybody has anymore advice regarding this pattern. But I think you’re right, JGM. I think I’m just gong to have to eye-ball this part.:??

THANK YOU for the help.

PS: by the way, are you the one who knitted those really nice argyle socks I saw? If so: NICE WORK! :thumbsup:

Yeah, I would take that row out and the one before, then follow what the directions say.

Yep, those are my argyle socks, thank you!

Because it told you to knit to 9" they want to make sure you do the last row as a purl row (wrong side row)Then you will be set up for the next set of directions.Hope this helps:teehee:

Thank you. Another problem solved because of the help I got here! Thank you!

Usually when a pattern says end on WS, I think I will have the wrong side as the next row to knit, but this pattern, I think it meant to actually knit the WS, so the next row will be a RS.


When a pattern says to do something, then `ending on a WS row’ it means you’ll have just finished the WS row, the purl row here. So the next row will be a RS row.