HELP!! Herringbone Stitch in the Round.

Hi! I didn’t know this place existed and I’m so glad it did, because I am really desperate for help now.

I’m trying out the Herringbone Stitch from Wool And The Gang, (This is not the same general Herringbone Stitch from other websites).

The pattern for flat knitting goes,

Row 1 : Slip 1, Knit 1, insert the left needle into the slipped stitch. Lift it over the knitted stitch, but do not drop it off the left needle.Insert the right needle into the slipped stitch from right to left. Wrap the yarn, pull it through and complete the stitch as for a regular stitch.

Row 2: Purl 2 stitches together, but don’t slip them off the left needle. Purl into the first stitch on the left needle again.Slip both stitches off the left needle.

2 Row Repeat.


So, the real question is, I’m trying to knit this in the round with circular needles.
I cannot figure out how to knit the second row(WS) as the Right Side.

I have tried to figure this out for days, can anybody please advise?
I need help!!

Have you tried working row 2 using a knit 2 together through the back loop as part of the stitch? It seems to me that you’re going to have to experiment a bit with how to start round 2 in addition to how to work the reverse of the purl row knit flat.
Do you prefer this herringbone to the other versions knit in the round? There are several nice videos for that.

Hi. I have the exact same question. Did you ever figure this out? Thanks!

Welcome to KH!
@knitknotknit, were you able to work out the herringbone stitch in the round?


I posted the same question on Ravelry,
try visiting the below link and see Rox’s reply!