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After trying Kitchner Stitch on the toe of my sock, I ended up with 3 loops somehow that are loose (one extremely loose). :waah: They are all off the needle and I don’t know what to do. This is my first pair of socks and the first time I tried Kitchner stitch. Can anyone help me save the toe of my sock?!! I’ll post a pic as soon as I can take a pic!

Here are the pics. The loop closet to the sock will tighten and disappear if pulled - the other two are pretty fixed. Can I save this toe? Suggestions?


Sometimes you can take the tapestry needle and pull up, just a little, the stitches that precede the loose ones and work your way in that direction, loosening up the other finishing stitches. It’s kind of like making your shoe laces looser working from the toe up…after you’ve tightened them too much.

I hope this helps!


It did! It did! Sock complete!!! Now… onto the next sock so that I can actually have a pair!! Thanks so much!! :notworthy:

I used to have that problem and then I decided to look for videos - turns out I was not doing it correctly - here is a link to the video:

I think I was looping my yarn over the needle instead of under it… anyway, I now tighten up slightly as I go along and it has been working.

I even use the kitchner stitch when I finish up hats and it gives them a nice look on top, which is good if you aren’t putting a pom-pom on top.

Wow, KPG, you did a great job! Awesome! :woohoo:

Kitchener stitch baffled me through a couple of pairs of socks, but the video teachermom sent is wonderful. So simple! NOT rocket science.

When you’re done, I hope you send us pictures of the finished pair. The yarn is beautiful and your stitches looked terrfic, so we hope to see the whole pair!

Good going!

Ruthie :knitting:

I haven’t looked at that video yet but I can tell you the Kitchener Stitch has given me a fit in the past. It’s so frustrating b/c it IS so simple and I just can’t seem to get it without doing over and over and over. Eventually it clicks and I’m happy. UGH! I guess the problem is that I don’t do it often enough so it’s like starting over every time I do it.

Ive really messed up on doing kitchner stitch. It seems like I am doing what they say and I’ve watched the video several times, but my seam looks like a seam, while in my LYS the other day she was showing me where she had done it on a hat and I couldn’t even tell where it was, so this next week I think I will be knitting a couple of swatches and taking to learn what i am doing so wrong. Anyway your socks look great we’ll get this stitch sooner or later! Keep up the good work.

Glad you fixed your sock! I have had a loop at the end do that. Now I know how to fix it.:woohoo:

Yes, you must show a picture of the socks. I love the colors.

The first few pairs of socks I made I sat at the computer and watched the video while I did the kitchner stitch. Finally it clicked and now I can do it without looking. Congratulations on your sock. You did a great job. :thumbsup:

I guess it was the last two stitches that I was having trouble with. I need to watch someone FINISH the kitchener stitch. :aww:

Ahhh- Found it!! Here’s the KnitWitch!

I am so glad someone could help. I’ve never knitted a pair of socks or sweater (they scare me!). I just figured out the difference between the right side and wrong side. I’m so ADD. Being unemployed is giving me time to concentrate on my knitty side of being creative.:knitting:

:hug: I’ve never knit a sweater either. I’m not terribly good at sock knitting… but I am determined to try. You can do it!! :slight_smile: