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[COLOR=red]Hi I am knitting a pattern that has a recurring pattern which starts p1 yrn p2 pass the yrn over the last p2. I have worked this out but I have come to the decreasing part and it says decrease 1 stitch at each end of the row while keeping the pattern correct. the 1st row starts p1 then yrn. If i have decreased one that means the row starts with a yrn as the 1st thing, how do i do this as the yarn is still on the left needles not the right as i havent started with a p stictch, help!![/COLOR]
please help!! [/COLOR]

Well, I’ll take a stab at this.

P1. That’s the first stitch of the row, right?

yrn. That’s an increase of 1 stitch.

P2. That’s two more stitches, right? Or should it be P2 [I]together[/I]?

Pass the yrn over the P2 stitches. Now you’re back to where you originally were, stitch-wise.

So you end the row with… 2 purled stitches clumped together by a yrn loop. So then just purl the 2 stitches together to make your decrease, right? the yrn loop is busy clumping those 2 stitches together and should not be available for purling/knitting.

What would happen if, at the start of your row, you purled 2 together [resulting in 1 purled stitch] then did your yrn - P2 - pass yrn over the 2 stitches? Would that mess up your rather-unusual pattern?


Do your decreases [I]after [/I]you do the passing of the yrn over the p2 and the beginning. This way the you can stay in pattern.