Help, help, help, help, help! please?

I am making this tank

I am on the band…and ALMOST done…the pattern says
Round 2: *k3, yo(twice), k2tog, rep to end

Round 3: Knit (dropping second yo)

Does that mean that I do the EXACT same thing as round two, but only yo once? :shrug:

Thanks, I do NOT want to go to bed until this is DONE!

You knit, and when you come to the second yarn over you made, you drop it off the needle. Repeat that.

lol, so i basically do exactly what the pattern says huh? lol :doh:


Like Ingrid says, “trust the pattern!” :teehee:


Tee hee, thanks. I was freaking out over NOTHING. I will TRUST THE PATTERN! Hope to show you guys my second FO tomorrow! YAY!

That’s pretty much how all of them are… :eyebrow: