HELP hat with brim

I really want to make this style of hat, because it has a nice brim and hugs the head at the top:

I don’t want to do the exact pattern with the sheep and stuff on it, but instead just a regular stockinette pattern. I understand the instructions for the brim. But for the head-band it said to follow the chart, which I won’t.

My question is that once I finish the brim, how do I achieve that snug look at the head band? So that the brim can flare out like it does in the picture? I’d count the # of stitches needed for the headband (from the pattern chart provided) and we’re still working with 112 stitches. HELP!!!

Thanks so much. :knitting:

Fair Isle tends to make things pull in slightly and it’s less stretchy. I’m not completely sure how to handle this, but you could do it with two strands of the same yarn so it would have the effect of Fair Isle w/o the color changes. :think: