Help : Garter in the round : dropped stitch!

Hi, I’m new here but thought you could help.

I’m knitting Juliet from ZephyrStyle for my daughter and am adding sleeves to it, considering the weather…

y question is: how do you pick up dropped stitches in garter stitch, all I find is for stockinette stitch. Knowing that I’m knitting in the round (on 2 circular needles) I’m doing one knit row and one purl row, but the stitch has dropped lower than the knitting in the round … all in garter stitch…

Hope I’m clear, I’m not sure what I’m saying makes sense, it’s the end of the day for me… long cold day…

Thanks for you help

I’m thinking it’s the same process no matter what your stitch pattern…you only have to make sure that you pull the stitch though on the proper side of the yarn. If you do it backwards, you should be able to tell, and then just switch it back the other way.

In other words, use the same process for the stockinette stitch.

A couple of questions to make sure I understand your question…

Is the dropped sts on the sleeve which you are knitting in the round? I am confused since you say the sts is dropped lower than the knitting in the round. (and the body of Juliet is not knit in the round.)

Since garter sts is just a knit st, I would watch the video on picking up a dropped st in stockinette. I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I think it shows you how to pick up a knit st as well as how to pick up a purl sts (since stockinette is a combination of the two). You will be picking up knit sts only.


You may have to flip back and forth, rs/ws to do it but it’s basically the same. With a little experience you can figure out how to work your hook and yarn so it comes out right.

OK to be more clear, the knitting in the round begins where the little sleeve ends. So I picked up the stitches that were left on a scrap yarn while I knitted the rest of the body, and began stitching in the round. So the dropped stitch goes past the row where the scrap yarn was…

I tried pick up the dropped stitch the way you’re supposed to on knitted stitchs, but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t look like garter anymore but stockinette!!! If it had been on the underside of the arm, I would have left it but it’s quite visible because right smack on top of the arm!!!


Just pull the “bar” through the opposite way. lemme think now: stockinette you pull it through from back to front, right? With garter you pull front to back.

Yep, and you can also pull it through the front if you flip to the WS - it’s a knit st on that side.

Thanks everyone!!! It worked!!! I don’t know how I did it, because as I did it, I thought I had a “hole”, but after doing a few rows, it magically disapeared!!! Almost throuh!!! Hurray!!! my daughter’s birthday is Monday and I still have the finishing touches to do and as you know those are the longest to do!!!

You gals are the greatest!!!