Help! Gaps after cables!

Huh, I’m just starting a cable pattern on some leg warmers. The pattern is as follows:
“Rnds 1,2, & 3: *P5, K6; rep from * to end
Rnd 4: *P5, C6B; rep from * to end
Rep rnds 1-4 until piece measures 14” from CO"

The cables are looking great and I’m totally excited about that!! BUT, I’m getting huge gaps between the end of a cable and the purl sts. Do I just need to do it tighter?? :??


No, if you pull tighter it makes them worse. Cables look like that on the row you do the twist on, knit a couple more rows then pull down to stretch them a little and see if that helps.

Yep, that’s normal. :wink:

Thanks! It’s good to know not to pull tighter!!
I’m glad it’s normal! :slight_smile:

Yep, unfortunately, gaps in cables are just THERE.

I had to show/warn my students about that, and told them
not to get upset when they see the holes.

Goodness, we work so hard not to have mistakes in our knitting, then,
something like this comes along.

yes i agree this is really good advice and you should use it

lol im not sure if i did cables yet but Im sure i did i guess seems familiar

Another thing, when you’re done and wash or block it, the sts even out and the gaps might not be so noticeable.