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I am currently knitting Jarol E1183 christening gown and wonder if someone can help me please.
I am on row 25 and have 163 sts this row says k2 * yfwd sl1k, k1, psso)twice, k3,(k2tog, yfwd) twice, k5 rep from * to last st k1.

Which part at the beginning do I do twice as no open brackets, I have tried it different ways and either the pattern is wrong or the stitch count doesnt work out .
Maybe an issue with the pattern ?

thanks in advance jackie


Welcome to the forum!
Such a gorgeous pattern:

If you put the open parenthesis before the yfwd it makes the repeat 16 sts. Ten repeats plus the 3sts before and after the repeat gives a total of 163.
k2 * (yfwd sl1k, k1, psso)twice, k3,(k2tog, yfwd) twice, k5 rep from * to last st k1.
See if that works with the stitch pattern.



Yes I tried that first but the pattern is incorrect that way sadly xx but thank you for responding o


Since you can see that the pattern is off, I’d watch the pattern as set in the previous rows and see what placement of the eyelets aligns with (or continues) those rows. It’s worth working a repeat or two on a swatch to see what will maintain the pattern. Also the next row may give you a clue as to how to work the problem row.
If you use charts you could also chart out a few rows of the repeat before and after the problem row to see if you can fill in that row.


Thanks for response found out today pattern is faulty and should have a sticker over that row with the correct action xx


front and back done, its stunning x


It’s an heirloom and a treasure! Absolutely exquisite. Thank you very much for letting us see the photo.


I’ll send a pic of the finished item soon xx