Help from the US

Hi guys,

I hear that some of you have been getting 100% cotton yarn from Walmart for $1 a ball. So, I tried to check out their web site but no yarn shown. Is there any other web site of their’s that I can look at and choose some yarn for my US relatives to get me?

I’m just after cheap cotton yarn.


Only left in Emerald color (bright Green) for .97 cents an 80 yard skein. I’m not familar with this yarn, it’s 100% cotton.

Sugar’n cream cones: 1 lb cones (works out to about $1.45 a 50 gram ball) for $12.97 several colors available

This link will give you all their cotton and cotton blends. Don’t bother going to the advertised on their site as all the sale yarns are also on this site.

They also have cotton rag yarn for $4.97 a one pound/ 450 gram/ 500 yard cone (about 55 cents a 50 gram ball). I have no idea what this yarn is like.

Maybe someone here has used these yarns? I know my daughter has uses sugar n’ cream for dishclothes.

Elann has some very nice cottons for as little as $1.78 a skein. If you sign up for an account they will give you a $50 credit if your orders, over time add up to $500. No cost to sign up, so even if you don’t intend to ever spend that much, sign up in case over time it adds up.

Starting places anyway…

Mama Bear

Wal Mart sells “Aunt Lydia’s Cotton” yarn. This is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for.” IMHO, ask one of your family members to look for “Sugar 'n Cream” cotton yarn at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. It’s nicer stuff!

Were you looking for a 100% cotton for things to wear or more of a “utility” cotton for things you don’t wear like bags or dishcloths?

There might be $1.00 skeins, but they might be short yardage/meters too. You might be able to get more yards/meters for the money with a bit bigger skeins depending on the brand.

I think I’ve seen Sugar N’ Cream for about 1.29 at Hobby Lobby but I think they have it on sale for 99 cents sometimes too.

ack! This is freakin’ me out…are there colors that you are looking for or specific projects you need the cotton for? i have some sugar n cream that you can HAVE since i am not using it, if it will fit your colors or needs. let me know and I will check the pile. I am seriously not using it …it was on sale at hobby lobby and i thought i was going to want to make dish clothes like crazy…i was wrong! :rollseyes:

Thanks Mama Bear! The links are much appreciated!

I want cotton yarn suitable for needle size 7 or 8 since the only sell thinner cotton in Israel and it costs more than $2 for 50g - in all yarn shops, same brand, same price. Talk about ‘spoilt for choice’!

Bbrendajos, I was thinking of knitting some dish clothes and thanks very much for your offer. Do you live in upstate NY by any chance? My family is in Syracuse.